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Guided tours in Innsbruck

Insights, stories and treasures

The City Walk shows you the real essence of Innsbruck, all within walking distance. You can combine this walk with any special guided tour in museums and sights – including stories only the Storyguide can tell!

City Walk:
Including the medieval Old Town, hidden courtyards, the Cathedral, the Court Church with the tomb of Emperor Maximilian I., the Imperial Palace and the Golden Roof (the last three sights either outside or inside with entrance fees).

Special guided tours in museums and sights (with entrance fees):
City Tower
Court Church / Tomb of Emperor Maximilian I.
Olympic Ski Jump Bergisel

Depending on the tour from 1 or 2 h up to 1 day

Prices for groups up to 10 persons:
up to 2 h:  € 110,--
up to 4 h:  € 160,--
up to 8 h:  € 210,--
1 day:   € 260,--

Prices for groups from 11 persons:
up to 2 h:  € 130,--
up to 4 h:  € 190,--
up to 8 h:  € 250,--
1 day:   € 310,--

All prices are without value added tax; the Storyguide doesn't charge VAT.