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I am grateful for the advice and ideas of many dear people. Stefan Knoflach helped me with the first website, Alexander Knoflach, Christian Kraler und Rupert Ploner gave me their support. The current website - with its pictures, galleries and moving navigation bar - was programmed 2006 by three shrewd heads: my cousins Alexander (orange) and Konstantin (red) and my uncle Jalal (yellow) Kayed.

Some of the pictures are from: Martin Ellmer, Romedio and Claudia Schmitz-Esser, Georg Zingerle, Tom Spender, Christoph Plank, Wolfgang Fabbro, Michael Örtl, Bernhard Nicolussi, Walter Hölbling, Jörg-Uwe Pott, Renate Mairoser, Karin Ondas, Torsten Ottermann, Andreas Bandak, Manfed Massani, Traudi Baier, Peter Wilhelm und Andreas Schalber.