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I am grateful for the advice and ideas of many dear people. Stefan Knoflach helped me with the first website; Alexander Knoflach, Christian Kraler und Rupert Ploner gave me their support; the new website - with its pictures, galleries and moving navigation bar - was programmed by three shrewd heads from Wil (SG) in Switzerland: my cousins Alexander (orange) and Konstantin (red) and my uncle Jalal (yellow) Kayed.

Part of the pictures are from: Martin Ellmer, Romedio and Claudia Schmitz-Esser, Georg Zingerle, Tom Spender, Christoph Plank, Wolfgang Fabbro, Thomas Baschinger, Benjamin Gschösser, Michael Örtl, Bernhard Nicolussi, Walter Hölbling, Jörg-Uwe Pott, Renate Mairoser, Karin Ondas, Torsten Ottermann, Andreas Bandak, Manfed Massani and Traudi Baier.