In the forest above InnsbruckIn the Asam Church in MunichIn front of the so-called "Treasury" (al-khazneh) in Petra / Jordan

Christian Kayed – the Storyguide

Born to a Palestinian father and an Austrian mother 1971 in Bludenz, I grew up in Tirol. Working in Innsbruck and in Hall as a licensed tourist guide and as a storyteller I create special guided tours – storyguide tours to discover marvellous places, to understand connections, to enjoy beauty.

Around three years old
the little Storyguide
knows where to go ...

I am a storyteller and a story lover. Fairy tales and wisdom stories from all over the world show ways to peaceful coexistence and cultural exchange.

Around 1991: Where do we come from?
Where are we going? Who goes along?

At the University of Innsbruck and the University of Freiburg im Breisgau I studied philosophy and German literature and language. I wrote my Ph.D. thesis about hospitality: theory and experience affect each other.

A learned man once embarked in a boat to cross a river. The boatman said something and made a mistake in grammar. The learned man asked: "Have you ever studied grammar?" – "No." – "Then you've wasted half your life", the learned man said. Soon afterwards asked the boatman: "Have you ever learned to swim?" – "No." – "Then you've wasted all your life. The boat is sinking!"

I am looking forward to every encounter in which we reach a new bank of a river together.

1996 and 2020: Find the difference!

(Solution: The clothes have different colours ...)