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Guided tours in Hall in Tirol

Hidden treasures and marvellous places

City Walk:
The City Walk shows you the the real essence of Hall, all within walking distance: including the medieval Old Town, hidden courtyards, the Parish Church, the Old Town Hall and stories only the Storyguide can tell!

Depending on the tour from 1 or 2 h up to 1 day

Prices for groups up to 10 persons:
up to 2 h:  € 120,--
up to 4 h:  € 180,--
up to 8 h:  € 240,--
1 day:  € 300,--

Prices for groups from 11 to 30 persons:
up to 2 h:  € 160,--
up to 4 h:  € 230,--
up to 8 h:  € 300,--
1 day:  € 370,--

Groups with more than 30 persons are guided by two guides.

All prices are without value added tax; the Storyguide doesn't charge VAT.