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2024 - 2021:  Musical guided tour in Hall in cooperation with the Findling Duo Uschi und Walter Hölbling

2024 - 2019:  Special guided tour about the history of the University of Innsbruck

2024 - 2013:  Special guided tour "Don't buy a pig in a poke" on sustainable consumption in cooperation with Südwind Tirol

2024 - 2012:  Special guided tour about the beginnings of SOS-Kinderdorf in the old town of Innsbruck in cooperation with Hermann-Gmeiner-Akademie

2024 - 2002:  Storytelling in Yoga and Fairy Tales in cooperation with Gudrun Keller and Luise Wörle

2024 - 2001:  Special guided tour Refugees in Innsbruck in cooperation with Arge Schubhaft / FLUCHTpunkt

2024 - 1998:  Participation at the annual Austria Guide Conventions  (Linz, Bregenz, Innsbruck, Eisenstadt, Wien, Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, Warmbad Villach, Graz, Salzburg, Feldkirch, Innsbruck, Krems, Linz, Klagenfurt, Graz, Salzburg, Bregenz, Innsbruck, Eisenstadt, Bad Ischl)

2024 - 1998:  All kind of guided tours  for locals as well as for tourists in Innsbruck, Hall in Tirol and other places

2024 - 1998:  35 different Hall City Walks with Barbara Knoflach-Zingerle

2024 - 1995:  Public and private Storytelling, often with music  played by Stefan Manges, Christian Kraler, Gigi Schneider, Rupert Ploner, Mathias Hudelmayer, Brigitte Hochrainer, Gabriele Wimmer, Susanne Putz, Margie Sackl, Sigrid Massenbauer, Bernhard Baumann, Walter and Uschi Hölbling, Karin Klingler, Gertraud Thalhammer, Ralph Aichner, Hanna-Janina Daliot, Arif Kansay, Veronika Kopf, Niki Fliri, Martha Tretter, Lisa Zeiler, Leonhard Larch, Andreas Bergmann, Ursula Schwarz, Lovisa Landström, Regina Lind, Benjamin Gschösser, D.Enis Mete, Lorenz Winkler, Michael Schick, Gottfried Heel, Andrea Rittler, Marie-Therese Adelsberger, Ulrike Töchterle, Sigrid Bruckner-Juen, Peter Haag, Salomon Ellia and other musicians in Austria, Germany and South Tyrol

2023:  Literature walk Hall in cooperation with Iris Kathan and Alexandra Leonie Kronberger for Literaturhaus am Inn

2018 - 2006:  Special guided tours for blind and partially sighted children in cooperation with Beate Nicolussi-Spiß

2017:  Participation at the European Tourist Guide Convention of the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations in Dublin

2017:  Participation at the World Tourist Guide Convention "Iran: Friendly Faces, Open Arms, Ancient Cultures, Timeless Charms" of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations in Tehran

2017 - 2016:  Lecturing Syria: Past, Present – Future?

2016:  Participation at the 19th Storytelling Festival in Hannover

2016:  Lecturing at the symposium "Guests & Hosts – How about the Culture of Hospitality?" in Brixen (South Tyrol)

2016 - 2006:  Free special guided tours for Haller Nightseeing in cooperation with Barbara Knoflach-Zingerle

2015:  Lecturing at the symposium "Flight, Migration and Tourism" of the department of tourism at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt in Eichstätt

2015:  Participation at the World Tourist Guide Convention "Central Europe - The Historical Crossroad of Cultures" of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations in Prag

2014:  Participation at the European Tourist Guide Convention "The Art of Guiding in a city of diversity and contrasts" of the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations in Berlin

2014:  Participation at the Anniversary "25 years Berlin Guides" und "20 years German National Tourist Guide Association (BVGD)" in Berlin

2013:  Treasure hunt for SOS-Kinderdorf International in the old town of Innsbruck

2013 - 2012:  Storytelling for the Innsbruck Festival (Festwochen der Alten Musik)

2013 - 2009:  Participation at the First, Second, Third and Fifth International Storytelling Festival in Innsbruck

2013 - 2007:  Lecturing Travelling in Syria in cooperation with Österreichische Orient-Gesellschaft Hammer-Purgstall as well as with Society for Austro-Arab Relations and other organizations

2012:  Lecturer at the International Convention "BergWelt" of the Schweizer and Europäische Märchengesellschaft

2010:  Storytelling at the Conference "The Myth of money cultures" in cooperation with Schuldner-Hilfe Oberösterreich

2010:  Participation at the European Tourist Guide Convention "Tradition and Modernity. Tourist Guides as Cultural Mediators" of the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations in Vienna

2009 - 2006:  Lecturing Islamic Ways of Life in cooperation with Wolfgang Forthofer and Salzburger Bildungswerk as well as with the Tyrolean Association of Tourist Guides

2009 - 2003:  Innsbruck Cologne Friendship Walks  with Klaus Hardering (Dombauverwaltung Cologne) from the wine cellars of Bozen through chapels in closed abbeys of Hall up to the roofs of Cologne Cathedral

2009 - 1999:  Storytelling for school classes  at Montanus-Realschule in Leverkusen in cooperation with Tatjana Trampenau as well as at Ernst-Mach-Gymnasium in Hürth (Cologne) and at Realschule im Klevchen in Heinsberg in cooperation with Malina Klöppel as well as at Gymnasium-der-Heimschule-St. Landolin in Ettenheim and at St. Ursula-Gymnasium in Freiburg im Breisgau in cooperation with Ricarda Wilhelm-Diederichs

2009 - 1998:  Guided tours for school classes in Innsbruck in cooperation with PerPedes Tirol

2008 - 1998:  Literature Excursions with Barbara Knoflach (Rodenegg Castle, Trostburg, Runkelstein Castle, Katzenzungen Castle, Schloss Neuschwanstein, Meran, Brixen, Bruneck, Innichen and more) and with literature from Gottfried von Straßburg, Wolfram von Eschenbach, Hartmann von Aue, Walther von der Vogelweide, Oswald von Wolkenstein, Michel de Montaigne, Hans Christian Andersen, Henrik Ibsen, Christian Morgenstern, Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann, Fritz von Herzmanovsky-Orlando, Ezra Pound and other authors

2007:  Publishing of the guide book "Orientalisches Wien" ("Oriental Vienna")

2007:  City walk in Hall with music and songs  played by four guides from Vienna: Ursula Schwarz, Sigrid Massenbauer, Lisa Zeiler and Martha Tretter

2007:  Participation at the World Tourist Guide Convention "Guiding from the Ancient World to the Modern World" of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations  in Cairo

2005 - 2004:  One year in Damascus with journeys to and storytelling in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon

2003:  Publishing and presentation of the book "Gast sein" ("On Hospitality") in Touriseum Meran, in City Archives / City Museum Innsbruck and in the library Riepenhausen in Hall in Tirol

2003:  Storytelling in the orientation course "Working Environments with a Purpose (Meaningful Work)"  in St. Wolfgang-Kienberg (Styria) for the Society of Founders of the International Peace University in cooperation with Gerda Bindoni

2003:  Telling Stories of Prophets in the Parish church Geislingen  in cooperation with Andreas Wagner

2003 - 2002:  Storytelling in the Long Night of Museums  in the Gothic Cellar of the Imperial Palace in Innsbruck as well as in the Wedding Hall of the City of Innsbruck

2003 - 2002:  Course and final exams Euregioguide Tyrol  in Northern and Southern Tyrol

2003 - 1999:  Honorary work for refugees in prisons  for Arge Schubhaft

2002 - 1997:  Ph. D. in philosophy  at the university of Innsbruck

2001 - 1998:  Christmas storytelling  with music on the 24th of December in the Imperial Palace in Innsbruck

1998:  Course and final exams Tour leader  in Innsbruck

1998 - 1997:  Course and final exams State-proofed Tourist Guide  (austriaguide) in Innsbruck

1997 - 1996:  Cooperation in youth exchange program Peace education and conflict resolution in Jerusalem

1995 - 1989:  M. A. in Philosophy and German Literature  at the university of Innsbruck and at the university of Freiburg im Breisgau

1994 - 1992:  Co-Editor of the philosophical periodical "Der Limes - Zeitschrift für grenzenloses Philosophieren"  in cooperation with Andreas P. Hamberger, Carl Albert Fähndrich and Kurt Koleznik at the university of Freiburg im Breisgau

1992 - 1990:  Editor of the philosophical periodical "Der Eros - Zeitschrift für Philosophisches und Allzuphilosophisches"  at the university of Innsbruck

1971:  Born in Bludenz  (Vorarlberg)